Granite Ledgers for Christian and Jewish cemeteries


Each small or otherwise significant story in any person’s life is a page in his book of life, which symbolises the history and the journey of that person’s life. When a person’s life ends, so does their book… But the opportunity remains to engrave a part of the person’s history, the memory of that person in the form of a book, or rather as a Ledger. 

This type of gravestone allows using the entire length of the grave. This is a large enough space for inscriptions, images, signs and symbols. On the Ledger, just like on the page of a book, we can write a large inscription in a font that will be perfectly seen and easy to read. 

Granite is considered being the most suitable material for making Ledgers. Ones made of black, grey or brown granite look the most beautiful.   

Most often Ledgers are placed on the graves of people of creative professions, artists and scientists: musicians, writers, sculptors, actors, scientists, etc. You just have to visit a Jewish Cemetery to see the Ledgers, which are striking for their monumentality and beauty of the inscriptions.   

Arcadia Monuments offers a variety of Ledgers in high-quality granite. This section of the website contains a catalogue of the works performed you can order from us or we can discuss an individual order.